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We present to you our current trade terms and conditions.

The on-line store will be launched soon.

Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions are intended, with the order form, and the other items referred to therein, to regulate the terms and conditions that govern the provision of the On-line Shop Service.

The Dental Vision Sp. z o. o. is based in Belgardzka street no. 4/64, 02-793 Warsaw, Poland with the VAT No. PL 951 24 79 200.

The service consists of the provision, through the www.dentalvisiongroup.pl address to access the online store, in addition to providing information relating to a set and / or services, allows the user to electronically order the products disclosed therein in accordance and conditions described in below conditions.

Ordering products should be made by users aged over 18 years. The data and information transmitted by the user will enjoy full legal effect, recognizing the user electronic purchases and cannot claim a lack of signature for breach of obligations.


The Dental Vision will do everything possible so that the information presented does not contain typographical errors, and will be quickly corrected whenever they occur. If the customers purchases a product that has different characteristics to be presented on-line, has the right to terminate the purchase agreement in legal terms.

The Dental Vision will do everything possible to send all the products ordered, but it is possible that in certain cases and due to causes hardly controllable by Dental Vision as human errors or incidences in the computer systems, it is not possible to provide any of the products ordered.

If any product is not available after making the order will be notified by e-mail or by phone. That time will be presented with the opportunity to cancel the order with the reimbursement if you have made the appropriate payment.

All pricing information, product specifications, promotions and services may be changed at any time by Dental Vision.


3.1 The store has adequate security levels, yet Dental Vision shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the user and / or third parties, due to delays, interruptions, errors, and communications suspensions they are based on factors beyond its control in particular any shortcomings or failures caused by the communications network or communications services provided by third parties, by the computer system.

3.2 The data query and information made under this service be deemed to be made by the user, declining to Dental Vision liability arising from the improper or fraudulent use of the information obtained.

3.3 The Dental Vision is not responsible for loss or damage resulting from non – performance or improper performance of the service as such is not directly or indirectly attributable to him.


4.1 The customers agree to:

  • Provide personal data and correct addresses.
  • Do not use false identities.
  • To respect the limits imposed orders.

4.2 If any of the data is incorrect and for that reason there is a delay or order processing is not possible or possible delivery, the responsibility lies with the user, and the Dental Vision disclaims any responsibility. If the consumer violate some of these obligations, the Dental Vision reserves the right to eliminate future purchases or block access to the store and cancel delivery of any products or services.


5.1 The consumer request

The consumer may affect the cancellation of your order asking it to Dental Vision through the phone number or e-mail, stating the order number, which will be accepted provided that it has not yet been processed. After processing the Dental Vision will attempt to deliver the order. For cancellation the consumer must provide the following data to Dental Vision:

  • Order number.
  • Tax ID number with which you place your order and delivery address.


6.1 In case of manufacturing defect, that is, when they are detected defects in products which do not fall within the respective warranty, the customer must return the product along with a copy of the invoice and the “Application for Exchange / product return “form within 14 calendar days of the invoice date, to the following address:

Dental Vision Sp. z o. o.

Belgradzka street no 4/64

02-793 Warsaw, Poland

If the customer chooses the other forms of return, the costs with delivery will be his responsibility.

6.2 For the exchange of the product, the customer must ensure that the package is complete, containing all the components that are in excellent condition.

6.3 In the absence of any of the elements mentioned above, or if any of the components is not in excellent condition, there will not be any exchange, and the product will be returned to the customer again.


7.1 All products available in the on-line store are duly certified by the relevant international bodies.

7.2 Equipment and accessories have a warranty period defined by the manufacturer, which in legal terms is two (2) years. This period is considered from the equipment invoice date and may be exercised only on presentation of the guarantee certificate and / or proof of purchase (invoice) duly completed.

7.3 Products considered as outside of the warranty conditions, are the products which have exceeded the period defined by the manufacturer or have defects caused by abnormal wear, improper installation, neglect, improper handling and technical interventions by unauthorized personnel.

7.4 If the product or equipment is broken, and if it is under warranty, the customer will receive the same unbroken product or equipment, based on the proof of purchase and / or guarantee for our service.


8.1 Regardless of any prior or subsequent communication, Dental Vision may, at any time, and according to its sole discretion, discontinue providing the service and / or part of the service to one or to all users.

8.2 The Dental Vision reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to the service immediately in the following cases:

8.2.1 When the user does not observe the conditions of use referred to in paragraph 4 and other referred to in the General Conditions.

8.2.2 When Dental Vision cancel the access to the store, prior communication with an advance of 15 days from the date of termination.

8.2.3 The suspension or termination of service by Dental Vision under the preceding paragraphs, no matter the user’s right or parties to any damages or other compensation and neither the Dental Vision be responsible or in any way encumbered, for any consequence resulting the suspension, revocation, cancellation of service.


9.1 Without prejudice to other forms of communication provided for in the General Conditions, the notifications to the user that relate to the service, including changes to the General Conditions, may be made to the address of E-mail, SMS or telephone contact.

9.2 The customer agrees to receive any communication and / or notification relating to the On-line Shop to the address, contact number and email address (e-mail) listed in the process or registration or ordering.

At any time the customer can request not to receive these communications and / or notifications via the Contact Form or through the “Do not receive the Newsletter” inscribed on each Newsletter.

9.3 Whenever the Dental Vision deemed necessary to optimize the browsing experience or improve connectivity conditions, the customer may remotely reshape the network settings.

9.4 Without prejudice to the following paragraphs, and given the innovative nature of the service and technological developments that may be subject to Dental Vision can change the technical specifications if necessary.

9.5 The Dental Vision does not guarantee however the user making any upgrades or improvements in service on his side.


10.1 The customer can submit any contractual disputes, to the mechanisms of arbitration and mediation that are or may be legally constituted and complain to the Dental Vision acts or omissions that violate the legal provisions applicable to the purchase of goods.

10.2 The claim must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days from the knowledge of the user facts, registered in Dental Vision information systems that will decide the complaint and notify the person concerned within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its receipt.


The Agreement is governed by Polish law.